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Job Posting: Youth Leader - 2021 Hope United Church of Christ

Hope UCC

35127 Garfield Rd

Clinton Township, MI 48035

586 296-8760

Job Description: Part Time Employee

  • Coordinate curriculum for student in grades 6-12. This requires implementing a purchased curriculum.

  • Write updates for monthly church newsletter.

  • Communicate using social media and text messages with youth and families and community.

  • Prepare and lead Sunday morning class for students. Typically 2 hours each Sunday.

  • Attend monthly Christian Education Meeting (with compensation).

  • 3 hours prep time which includes weekly meeting with pastor or CEC representative either at church or via phone.

For a total number of 5 -7 hours weekly.

Extra hours per quarter for youth enrichment events up to 10 hours per quarter.

Salary $17.00 - $19.00 per hour based on qualifications.


  • Advanced degree (2 years +) in Education, or related field or equivalent experience (this is flexible)

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Background check provided by Hope UCC

  • Valid Michigan Driver’s license and proof of insurance

  • An ability to relate to youth

  • Christian faith and the ability to lead within the mainstream/ progressive United Church of Christ Teachings. This will be explained and instructed as part of an ongoing process.

Additional Notes:

The use of social media is essential with this age group. A required weekly check in with

either the pastor or CEC representative (TBA) would ensure that any needs of the youth

and program are being addressed in a timely manner. The additional 10 hours per quarter

would allow for special youth programs which the Youth Leader would be responsible

for coordinating. The valid driver’s license takes into account that some activities happen

off the church grounds and the youth leader needs to help with transportation.

To apply or gather further information contact:

Rev. Meg Wilson or 586 296-8760

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